We Are The African Reinassance

We Are The African Reinassance

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We are the #AfricanRenaissance. We are inspired not just by Africa, but by the currents of Africa; social responsibility and cultural revolution, the aesthetic reinvention and the evolution of concepts such as art, beauty and design. Africa is the cradle of man. It’s the incubator and originator of life, of culture. The common misconception is that in the past centuries, no design or innovation has come out of Africa. This belief was cemented by the fact that coming out of the industrial age and into the information age, Africa has been a receiver rather than a co-creator of technology and this has been the global measure for innovation. Africa has also famously looked to the past than to the future – we value tradition, ancestry and history and construct our identity along these lines. This just shows how we’re true to social responsibility.

In fact, it’s because Africa has been so conscious and cognizant of its past that it has been able to define and decide its renaissance. Re-imagination happens when two forces of culture meet and the African Renaissance has been the result of globalization impacting on African lives. Besides its rapid pace, Globalization has been characterized by instant and broad communication, universal access to ideas and cultures, futurism and technology. The union of these different but equally vibrant cultures has catalyzed a new way of thinking that integrates aspects of social responsibility, and traditionalism and modernism.

The African renaissance is social, economic and cultural. It’s artistic, psychological and political. There is a wave of collective self-awareness that has inspired the world to look more keenly to and at Africa. New forms, new voices and new expressions are emerging and we are at the heart of this reinvention. Our values are traditional but our aesthetics are futuristic. We have a true vision for social responsibility. We have an intimate knowledge of Africa but we are borderless. Our design is retrospective yet globally accessible. We are communal and intercommunal.

We are not just driving the African renaissance, we are documenting it as well. Follow our new African Renaissance Instagram to follow ours and Africa’s journey into the future.

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