Adele Dejak Celebrates Mothers

Adele Dejak Celebrates Mothers

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Women’s fashion offers something for mothers from all walks of life. For most of us, our mothers are our entire world. They bring and introduce us to the world. Everything we are – how we interact and respond to the world and the people we eventually become – is because our mothers have been there, as steadfast and as brilliant as the North Star, guiding and illuminating our paths.

Mothers love us unconditionally and irrevocably. They nourish us, care for us and protect us. They instruct, inform and educate us, which is why the 13th of May is dedicated to them world-wide. While it’s true that mothers are sacred and should be honored every day, a devoted day is important because it causes us to intentionally and collectively reflect and celebrate the ways in which they have impacted our lives.

The relationship women have with their mothers is even more special because growing up, they look to and model their femininity after them. We learn how to be women, how to present and style ourselves and how to be in the world watching our mothers. Mothers teach us how to wear lipstick, how to detangle our hair and how to value ourselves. Women will almost always, whether they want to or not, become like their mothers. If your mother is excellent, singular and inspiring, she is exemplary in every sense of the word and you should celebrate and appreciate her at every turn.

Showing appreciation can be as easy as a phone-call or a mother’s day card. Gifting shows thought and consideration, so if you can, get her something she’ll adore.

So, we have something fot women’s fashion. Accessories are fun, feminine gifts – if you’re looking to get your mum something special, we have a few ideas!

1. The Cosmi Earrings

The Cosmi earrings are elegant, refined and wealthy but they can be relaxed and easy as well. Perfect for travel, resort or evening wear

2. The Stefania bag

Stefania is a roomy, handcrafted bag lined with African wax. Bold, sophisticated and iconic, the Stefania helps you bring your world and the things that matter with you at all times.

3. The Almaz neckpiece

The Almaz is stunning, sexy and timeless. It pairs well with really everything and manages to transform the everyday into a fashion moment.

4. The Margaret Bracelet

The Margaret is an impact piece. This is the accessory your mother will wear to church or to her chama and feel strong, fashionable and modern.

5. The K-Dazi Ring

The K-DAZI ring is both simple and architectural. It is chic and youthful yet ageless and easy.

Let us know what your mother means to you and how you celebrated her this year. Tag us on facebook and on Instagram– We are always happy to share the moment.

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