Inspired by Kenya's rich cultural heritage, our latest collection, "Zawadi," celebrates life's profound gifts. "Zawadi" – Kiswahili for gift – embodies gratitude, appreciation, and love. This collection reflects the gifts of nature, love, and ancestral wisdom.

  • Ancestry: Designs inspired by ancient customs and symbols honor our ancestors, preserving cultural roots and heritage.
  • Life: Vibrant hues and intricate patterns celebrate the miracle of existence, urging us to embrace every moment with joy.
  • Nature: Earthy tones and organic textures capture nature’s beauty, inviting us to reconnect with the earth.
  • Love: Pieces imbued with affection and compassion celebrate love in all its forms, highlighting human connection.

Explore the Zawadi Collection and embrace the countless gifts that grace your life each day. Zawadi – a gift of boundless generosity and infinite grace.