Our latest collection, Zaafira, joins our list of the best jewelry from Kenya. The collection consists of stunning pieces made from sustainable materials like brass and aluminum. As it’s our tradition, each piece is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. The designs are inspired from Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

The term Zaafira embodies a strong, victorious and successful woman who pushes beyond the confines of her set abilities. She represents a true global warrior, with a unique vibe. This is a woman who emits positive energy to those around her. She has a ‘can do’ mentality which makes it easy for her to draw people who are in-line with her heart. 

Part of our vast Zaafira collection are pieces made from Unakite. The Unakite stone holds a lot of meaning for those who are spiritual. It’s viewed as a stone that inspires positive affirmations, self-love, openness and peace. Most people use the Unakite stone as a affirmation stone. They hold it against their heart and say something positive that will boost their self-esteem. Some claim that the stone has metaphysical and healing properties. 

It is said that the Unakite stone is a stone of vision, opening the third eye for vision and scrying. This stone is a stone of balance, bringing stability to your emotions and spirituality. With so many positive characteristics attached to it, we could not fail to add more worth to the Unakite by turning it into a luxury jewelry piece. This is not the first time we’ve used unakite. Part of our Love collection also consisted of Unakite pieces. 

A glance at our unakite handmade jewelry gives out the feeling of beauty, elegance, originality, and class. Each piece is designed to make you feel confident in your look, for instance, our Unakite pendant choker makes you aware of your potential. This choker is for the woman who understands that she has power over her destiny. 

Adele is a huge fan of the Sculptor Constantin Brancusi and she drew inspiration from his elegant and sleek sculpture “Bird In Space and the seed pods of the Tecoma trees in her garden.

The juxtaposition of these resulted in the brass pendants featured in Zaakudi, Zaakoo, Zaamak, Zaambadon, and Zaahiha Sultana pieces.

The Zandile Statement neckpieces in the collection are inspired by the Samburu tribe statement neckpieces, which were designed to make that show-stopping entrance.

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