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The Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies: Part 1

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Selfie! Selfie! Selfie! Oh the word Selfie. It is safe to state that, in this day and age, if you have no clue what that means you have been living under a rock. World over, selfies have been taken of individuals (no age restrictions) or/and with friends/celebrities/monumental buildings and views, and have flooded the social media platforms for years.

Having agreed on the above, we all understand that a selfie is defined as that one precious photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared (not necessarily) via social media. They can express love, or any other “positive” feeling just as capably as it can express narcissism or any of the “negative” traits that are sometimes associated with the category. They are often derided as an inane form of expression yet they can convey a mood, create a scene or even tell a story. The reasons we take selfies are likely as diverse as the array of human motivations that spur creation in any other medium.

As for Adele Dejak, she is always trying to challenge the norm so it is not surprising to find her way of self expression different from everyone else. When going through the Adele Dejak social media platforms rarely would you be able to spot what you call a precious selfie but you will easily come across what we like to call the Adele Dejak her signature hand selfie.


During her recent trip to Europe, her social media feed was filled with tantalizing visuals that made anyone who came across them as happy as a clam. This being the first part of a Travel Diary series featuring her signature selfies, we shall kick start by capturing the beautiful and the spectacular views from Florence, Paris and Venice. The purpose of sharing these articles will be to showcase Adele’s favourite fashion accessories to travel with and to also inspire others to be liberated through self expression.



Beautiful Flora



DSC_0140 copy

DSC_1137 copy

Spectacular views from Florence

There are some places that are on everyone’s travel list and there are places that should be on everyone’s travel list. According to Adele, Paris, Rome, Venice, not to forget Florence fall under the latter. The city of Florence is a treasure trove of astonishing artistic wealth with sculptures and paintings everywhere. It has plenty to offer from precious experiences, gobsmacking historic skylines,art exhibitions,musical presentations, admirable architectural lines that continue to inspire designers worldwide, to events which celebrate wine, culture and good food. In addition to these, Florence is the home to very famous churches that house more important tombs, mosaics and frescoes while the museums will delight you with artwork, bronzes and marble statues and many treasures. All these and much more create cherished memories which will live with you long after your holidays are over.

DSC_1280 copy

Florence 2



Florence 3

Florence 4 Florence

DSC_1263 2



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