Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies

The Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies: Part 2

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As we express ourselves in our precious forms, it does not only liberate you as an individual like earlier mentioned in the first part of this series but also liberates those that are inspired by your ways. And it is with this same mindset that Adele Dejak wishes to reach out to those that she loves and inspires through her brand as she takes pictures of her signature Adele Dejak hand selfies.

When we do not express who we truly are, it’s not only we that suffer,but also others who need what we have to offer.

During her recent trip to Europe, Adele Dejak’s social media feed was filled with tantalizing visuals that made anyone who came across them as happy as a clam. This birthed the unique and quirky Travel Diary series that set off with the first segment featuring the beautiful flora and the spectacular views from the city of Florence, Paris and Venice. In Part two, we feature her love for books as backdrops, hand selfies from the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation in Venice and a couple of shots with Cactus in the background.

Book BackgroundsSignature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies

Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies

Signature Adele Dejak Hand SelfiesWhile in Venice
Venice is also known as the city built on water. It is scenic, breathtaking and gives off tranquil vibes. When asked why she loves Venice, Adele responded that it was because of its awe-striking precious museums and exhibitions, the water colour changing from blue to green depending on what time of the day it is, and the fact that she always discovers something new each time.

One of her favourite places to visit is definitely the Guggenheim Museum which hosts the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Picasso among many other heavy weight artists. Adele always pays a visit to this precious museum overlooking the Grand Canal when she is in Venice & her best works of art exhibited include Giorgio de Chirico, Picasso and Arp.Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies

Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies with Picasso's workCacti plants make perfect back grounds for photography. Don’t you agree?DSC_2318

Signature Adele Dejak Hand Selfies

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