Fashion in Kenya: strengths and room for improvement

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Today, Adele shares her insider perspective on Kenya’s fashion industry.


  • Swahili influences
  • Many young people eager to design
  • Few big names so everyone knows who’s who
  • Maasai culture

Room for improvement

  • Underexposed internationally
  • Limited skills to a certain extent and thus limited inventiveness
  • Lack of proper training as this costs money and people who do wish to become artisans/designers cannot always afford this
  • Lack of assistance by government in funding. Dependent on private sponsors etc. There are so many priorities – roads, hospitals, education – so fashion is at the bottom of the list
  • There is no substantial market for exclusive Kenyan-produced designer products. Many wealthy/middle class Kenyans prefer to dress the ‘European way’ rather than embracing their African heritage. When I first moved to Kenya, I was shocked to see nobody dressing in traditional clothing as is the case in Nigeria or Ghana
  • There is no fashion organization that brings artists and designers together

Are you involved in the Kenyan fashion industry? Are you a Kenyan fashionista? What’s your take on the strengths and opportunities for growth?

Photo taken at the 2011 Tribal Chic Fashion Show by Mia Collis via Tribe Hotel Kenya’s Facebook page.

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