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Our workshop - in the beginning
Our workshop – in the beginning
The workshop in action today
The workshop in action today

It’s almost 3 years since the opening of our first boutique and the MagikGrace and Adele Dejak brands have been growing at an amazing speed since. As a token of gratitude for this abundance, Adele shares what she’s learned about business along the way:

  • Have at least 3/5 core values for your business.
  • Be realistic but allow yourself to think big. Never forget; less is more.
  • Train your staff as much as possible as soon as possible. In my case it was and is in computer skills, jewellery making and tailoring. Spend as much time training staff as possible – it is well worth the time and effort.
  • Correct minor mistakes immediately otherwise they will grow into bad habits.
  • Beware of conmen! That is anyone from artisans, to apparent marketing gurus to sales assistants. Always check someone out and do not be afraid to ask as many questions regarding payment. Do not be deceived by compliments and a large smile. Check out anyone you intend to have a business relationship with first.
  • Shop around for suppliers, give the potential suppliers different samples and see who produces the best. It can be a headache at times chasing them as they might disappear for a while or have electricity blackouts, which hinder their production.
  • DO NOT RELY ON ONE PERSON. For my brass and aluminum I have 3 different suppliers and the same is applicable for horn, ebony, leather etc. You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you rely on one person!
  • Invest in books and do research on the internet. There is an abundance of advice and free information there. If you aspire to be an African Armani google Armani and see what he has done, get as much information as possible and hear what he has to say.
  • From the instant you start a business, be careful with finances. Keep an accurate and detailed account of all expenditure and if you have enough money get a good accountant to do all tax payment calculations etc. Make sure you are doing everything by the book. The last thing you want is a big fine from the Inland Revenue.
  • Listen to objective criticism. The truth may hurt but be a good listener and then decide how to move forward. However, don’t let jealousy or negative comments affect you.
  • Never give up. At times things may get frustrating and demoralizing, just stay focused and believe in yourself.

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