Adele Dejak on Ethical Fashion

Adele Dejak on Ethical Fashion

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The Kobo Collection

More than you’ll ever want to know, ethical fashion has a very cryptic meaning to Adele Dejak. This fashion icon has Nigerian roots and her work is influenced consciously or subconsciously by her Nigerian upbringing.

She launched the Kobo Collection in November 2015. Kobo refers to Nigerian currency valued at a cent to the Naira.

This line features accessories handmade from Ankole cow-horn, aluminum, brass and beads. Its logo is a fusion of the Basquiat crown and the African Mask. Black borrows on Adele’s own aesthetic, while Yellow describes happiness.

The design process and craftsmanship have not been compromised. The attention to detail, the dedication to form as well as the presentation remain the same. A stunning piece for ethical fashion does not come easy.

It’s not just another diffusion line: it’s a lifestyle, a culture. Each product in the Kobo Line incorporates the original Adele Dejak style, story and attitude.

Fan favorites from the Kobo collection include the Kobbi bracelet, the K-Zahra Necklace and the K-Nia Earrings.

Adele Dejak’s Kobo line means you can express your personal and make a statement, all while spending less. The accessories in this ethical fashion collection are sophisticated, modern and accessible.

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