MCM - We Love Idris Elba('s Style)

MCM - We Love Idris Elba('s Style)

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Idris Elba’s age-defying looks are too good for the front row at New York Fashion Week. We love Idris Elba. And not just because he is breathtakingly beautiful but also that he is accomplished, talented and stylish. And we are not alone; Besides being named the sexiest man alive by both People and Essence in 2013 and being declared one of the most beautiful people in the world in 2007, he was named one of GQ magazine’s best British dressed men in 2015.

Elba’s portfolio is as impressive as he is celebrated. He is most recognizably a film and TV star, appearing in American Gangster, Takers, Thor and Beasts of No Nation, for which he received BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations. His gravelly, husky voice has accented Zootopia, Jungle Book and Finding Dory. But he is a director/producer as well, and his debut film Yardie, an adaption of the book by Victor Headley, premiered in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Elba is also a DJ and a hiphop/soul musician.

Most exciting though is his fashion line in collaboration with the British retailer SuperDry launched in 2015 and intended to dress the modern, style-conscious man. It’s easy, casual, not-fussy – just like his own personal aesthetic. The collection is now but futuristic too. In an interview with essence, Idris predicts that lines will blur between what’s feminine and what’s masculine as men look to softer, more liquid palettes and silhouettes.

We are excited by Idris’s fashion future as much as we are obsessed with his style. He wears fitted suits as well as he wears jeans. Let’s not forget his massive sneaker collection – and you know what they say about men with a massive sneaker collection.

We would love to accessorize Elba. He could pull off anything you put him in, but our Vesna and Zeke rings especially correspond his spirit and look. We can also see him wear the Tadita bracelet with a dressed-down jean or the Comet pendant with a formal suit. This is an absolutely must-have for New York Fashion Week.

We believe what Idris does- that fashion is for everyone, not just for the New York Fashion Week. Which is why even men can look, now and in the future, to Adele Dejak for fashionable, genderless accessories.

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