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This month, we’d like to pay ode to an exceptional black woman who has been the embodiment of style, grace, glamour, and refinement – lawyer, writer, activist, and former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. Known for her elegance, this style icon has not shied away from tackling issues involving racism, feminism, and equality. Michelle Obama has handled everything that has been thrown at her with grace and strength with one of her slogans being “When they go low, we go high”. Her incredible legacy is one that has inspired women across the world.



Reach Higher initiative

Michelle boasts of having not one, but two Ivy League degrees – Princeton & Harvard Law under her belt. It is therefore no surprise that Education became one of her the issues she championed during her time as the first lady. In 2014, Michelle and Barack Obama launched the Reach Higher initiative, a program aimed at inspiring students in the US to take control of their future by continuing their education past high school. The program encouraged American youth to aim higher by exposing students to academic and career opportunities as well as financial aid programs.

Let Girls Learn

Michelle has been vocal about the importance of global girls’ education and female empowerment and in 2015, the Let Girls Learn program was launched. The program draws attention to the lack of education for girls around the world and helps them go and stay in school. It brings together key stakeholders to create and expand programs that help provide girls access to education across the world.

Let’s Move!

Michelle has championed a healthy lifestyle and she took that same energy to the White House. In 2009, she planted The White House Kitchen Garden to provide locally-grown food for the first family and White House guests. A year later, she and Barack launched the Let’s Move! campaign to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic in America by stressing the importance of exercise, movement, and healthy eating for kids and families. She mobilized the public and private sectors and even enlisted the help of celebrities like Beyoncé and Jimmy Fallon to shine a light on the epidemic and get people excited about living a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

As part of her “Let’s Move!” initiative, Michelle advocated for the passage of The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010 to improve access to healthy, balanced, nutritious school lunches.


As the first lady, Michelle made the position her own and did it with grace and style making her one of the most beloved first ladies in US history. Over the years, morphed a style icon and a true representation of a powerful Black woman and style remains striking and iconic.


Though she has donned fashion accessories from notable designers like Alexander McQueen and Marchesa, she has also worn pieces from African designers like Duro Olowu propelling them into the limelight. She is known for her versatile, functional, and sophisticated fashion choices. Here are pieces of Adele Dejak jewellery that would suit Michelle Obama’s impeccable and versatile style.


Classic is the first word that comes to mind when describing Michelle’s style. During her years as First Lady, Michelle’s everyday style was timeless, clean, and polished. Whether she was at the office, attending meetings or functions, this style icon stuck to simple, elegant, perfectly tailored pieces. Here are some classic pieces Michelle would adorn.

Laki Earrings

The laki earrings from the Love Collection are exquisite earrings hand-crafted from recycled brass. They feature a simple and classic style that

Layla Handmade Brass Bracelet

The Layla Bracelet from the Love Collection is an impressive and versatile piece that will feel at home in both formal and informal settings. The bracelet curved design sits delicately on the wrist and is a perfect blend of sophisticated and minimalist style.


Michelle often traded in her polished pieces for a more casual style. From jeans, sundresses and T-shirts to ballet flats, sweatshirts and sneakers, we’ve seen it all. She managed to add a touch of understated elegance to even the most basic outfits. Here are some pieces that would suit her casual style.

Astra Beaded Bracelet

The Astra bracelet borrows heavily from African elements that harmoniously combine to form the beautiful piece. Handcrafted from Recycled brass and Maasai glass beads, the bracelet adds playful elegance to any look.

Sani Ring

The handcrafted spiral ring wraps beautifully around the finger, adding texture and shine to the hand. Perfect for either formal or informal occasions

Style Icon Michelle’s chic style

Since leaving the White House, Michelle has been able to experiment a little more with fashion and we love her for it. She has been able to lean into the trendy and fashionable side while still staying authentic and letting her personality show. Here are some pieces that would feel right at home in Michelle’s closet.

Dhamani Maya Brass Earrings

The Dhamani Maya Earrings make a sculptural statement with their geometric shape and textured and lustrous finish. The bold statement piece is daring and catches the light in the most exquisite way.

Dama Brass Chain Neckpiece

The chunky, edgy and lustrous dama chain neckpiece makes any outfit impressive. It can be paired with a plain t-shirt and jeans or dressed up for a night in town.

Nijiku Ring

The Nijiku ring is handcrafted from recycled brass for the modern woman. The ring curved ring has a smooth highly polished finish that reflects light beautifully. The sleek ring is perfect for any occasion.

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