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Laying necklaces necklaces - 4 easy tips

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Layering necklaces is a skill that doesn’t come easy to a lot of people, which is a bit ironic since layering is often associated with an ‘effortless’ look. It doesn’t even require unique know-how. Layered jewellery goes with any look, from a casual T-shirt and jeans, a dressy night out down to office wear. Learning to layer jewellery allows you to create different looks with the same jewellery pieces. It’s a simple way of elevating your style while still looking effortless.

Keep on reading to discover our tips on how to create the perfect layered look.

1. Layer different lengths

Layering necklaces is all about spacing and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is picking necklaces of varying lengths. Not only does this add dimension to your look, it also creates a cascading effect allowing each piece to stand out on its own. Start off with 3 necklaces of different lengths – a choker and two longer pieces to build your stack. You can also layer two necklaces and still look chic so don’t overthink it.

Layering jewellery is fun and can be done using jewellery you already own so rummage through your jewellery box and start experimenting with necklaces of varying lengths to create a look that is distinctly you.

2. Mixing metals and textures

Gone are the days when mixing metals was frowned upon. While sticking to one metal is classic, you can easily add interest to your look by mixing metals and incorporating different textures in layering necklaces.

The contrasting metals and textures adds a modern touch and instantly elevates your style. You can choose from a variety of textures such as cow horn, beaded, leather, wood, smooth, hammered, knotted, or even fabric like kitenge.

3. Mixing different styles and chains in layering necklaces

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Mix your dainty necklaces with chunkier statement pieces for a more dramatic look. Mixing chain types, thicknesses and weights also prevents necklaces from twisting into each other and creating that tangled mess we all hate.

You can also add edginess to your look by incorporating unique shapes from disks to sculptural pieces that you usually wear alone.

4. Have fun with it and be confident.

When it comes down to it, your style is a reflection of your personality. Layering necklaces allow you to showcase your style – whether elegant, minimalist, eclectic or bold. Stacked necklaces allow you to personalize your look and make the best of your jewellery collection.

There is no set of rules to creating the perfect layered look. Have fun with it, experiment and wear what makes you feel most confident!

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Farai Brass Chain Pendant Neckpiece With Quartz Stone

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Adunni Brass Pendant

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