4 Reasons Why you should buy unique African Jewellery

4 Reasons Why you should buy unique African Jewellery

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African jewellery is set apart by its unique qualities, ability to tell a story and connection to deep history and culture. We are privileged to be part of a generation that appreciates the art of handmade carefully sourced African jewellery. There is increased faith in African jewellery designers and the industry continues to progress more and more each day. In case you haven’t added unique African pieces to your collection here are some great reasons to do so.

Makes a Great Fashion Statement

If you like to stand out of the crowd look no further. Handmade African jewellery makes a great fashion statement thanks to unique materials that make you feel special, set you apart and give you a distinct look. It’s easy to add personality and sass to an outfit with African pieces. Handmade pieces have a way in how they drape, sit, hang and shine against the light. They also tend to play around with different textures which adds yet another great element.

African jewellery

Support Eco-Friendly Practices

To all our Eco- friendly friends, here’s a chance to save the planet and look stylish at the same time. Here at Adele Dejak, we champion ethical fashion through the use of sustainable materials that can be recycled. In creating jewellery, we are keen to use environment-friendly materials that our artisans manage to use sustainably while still promoting their cultural history and identity.

Support Talented Artisans

Another reason to wear unique handmade jewellery from Africa is that you can use it to help support talented artisans. Each artisan has taken the time to design a unique piece and pay attention to all the tiny details that go into that one creation. Buying handmade supports the small business owner and/or artisan who have taken years to hone their craft. The talent is often exceptional but highly underrated.

African Handmade Jewelry is Personalized

Personally made with love and care by individual artists, these unique pieces each have unique intricate details made with passion and imaginative creative ideas. No two pieces are ever exactly alike because the artists handcraft each item making it special and meaningful.

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