Gender Fluid Jewellery is the Future

Gender Fluid Jewellery is the Future

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Gender fluid jewellery

Unisex fluid jewellery is the future here’s why.

Gender fluid jewellery and gender neutral fashions aren’t just a phase in fashion, they’re a compelling movement and a step toward the evolution.

People are more comfortable than ever with who they are. The concepts of masculinity and femininity no longer define the clothing people wear. Both men and women are choosing to define themselves on their own terms rather than bound to a specific idea, culture or class through gender fluid jewellery.

As the line between the traditional male and female grow increasingly. Traditional male and female roles have started evolving and as expected fashion is also following suit. If gender is fluid then so is fashion.

Previously, fashion has always had a hard line between what is considered male or female. Modern times have since seen these labels rejected. People are now comfortable shopping across gendered sections, proof that this line is slowly being erased.

Jewellery is essentially an elegant expression of metal and gemstones therefore inherently genderless. Gender fluid jewellery is even more elegant for those looking for a versatile wear.

But all over the world it’s mainly been marketed to, and worn by, women. Gender-based marketing is a traditional approach to business; think sparkle for girls and matte for boys. However, recent trends indicate a shift towards androgynous and gender-neutral branding. This wave isn’t just about making more jewelry for men, though that’s also positive. So, gender fluid jewellery is more of a game-changer. It’s about removing the gender labels from jewelry entirely and shaking up our ideas about who gets to wear what. Rocking androgynous bling is therefore perceived as on trend and extremly fashion forward.

This trend in gender fluid jewellery is focused on the modern generation that governs the trends of the future.

For 2020, the fashion industry is expected to have a more unisex approach towards fashion as a whole. With famous models from all over the world rocking what traditionally would be feminine looking clothes, the poles have started to shift towards a mixed dressing approach for men and women alike.

Gender-fluid jewelry collections/brands that create pieces meant to be worn by anyone. Representing inclusivity and opportunity for the industry.

If men embrace jewelry even a fraction as much as women do, there will be inevitable growth within the industry. Gender fluid jewelery represents freedom of expression as it is in an an industry largely built on the idea of self-expression. In turn it also plays a major role in the deconstruction of gender stereotypes which more often than not have negative implications.

Some gender fluid jewelery collections we’re currently loving are: Bulgari Bzero 1 unisex jewellery & Shaun Leane

As always own your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of jewelry and fashion as a whole. Remember the most courageous act is still to be yourself.

Gender Fluid Jewellery is the future!

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