The Making of the Afri-Love collection, part I: ebony and brass

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The upcoming collection is a celebration of Adele’s love for the continent and her African roots. Her objective is to re-interpret certain African tribal features in pieces of jewellery for an international audience. The designer has been profoundly influenced by Lulu Kitololo of the Afri-Love blog, whose work and dedication to all things African gave Adele a wake-up call.
Adele Dejak jewellery: NEISOI-in-progress
The Neisoi in progress
Adele Dejak jewellery Afri-Love collection attention to detail
Attention to detail

Adele Dejak jewellery Afri-Love collection

Adele Dejak jewellery Afri-Love collection Finishing touches to the Yawa pendant
Finishing touches to the Yawa pendant

Collection features
There are 2 main features of the new jewellery collection: Coffee and Glass. “Coffee” comprises of ebony and horn, juxtaposed with brass. Today’s post shows how the old Dinka tribe technique of encasing brass in wood has been appropriated with the combination of ebony, horn and brass, producing stunning results.

All materials are sourced from all over Kenya and East Africa and the production process consists of several stages, culminating in assembly by a highly skilled team of craftsmen. All the jewellery is handmade and undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure the highest standards.

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The collection launches on Friday 30th September. Find out more information on launch events and special offers.

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