The Tale of Adele Dejak Love Collection and Mystic Fashion Designing

The Tale of Adele Dejak Love Collection and Mystic Fashion Designing

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Love is a beautiful thing that we should proudly carry even in the world of fashion designing. At least that was the inspiration behind the Adele Dejak Love Collection. The iconic maestro in fashion designing who lends her name to the renowned brand was organizing a photo shoot for another one of her collections when the idea for the recently launched collection struck. As a spur of the moment decision, she grabbed a love décor sign from her house to use on the set of the photo shoot.

Unknown to her, this random décor item would inspire a bolder, unique, unprecedented collection. Reactions to the love sign struck a chord in Adele who felt the strong urge, to create jewelry that embodied the emotion. The results are evident in Adele Dejak Love Collection of unisex pieces that totally beckon the fashion addict. Items in The Love Collection include bags, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, chokers and neck pieces.

In true Adele Dejak style of fashion designing, the items in this collection are made from environment-friendly materials that were ethically sourced. At the African handmade jewelry workshop in Kiambu, Kenya, Adele guided the team of experienced artisans, into transforming the ecobold materials into stunning jewelry and accessories. It certainly took love to finish this collection as changes kept happening to make sure that all handcrafted pieces matched the standards of the modern day fashionista.

Any man or woman who takes the bold step to adorn themselves with pieces from The Adele Dejak Love Collection will find them alluring, authentic and unapologetically unique, much like the iconic Africa inspired Jewelry designer Adele herself.

The entire collection is a reinterpretation of pieces from previous collections that left Adele smitten. She was so in love with the chosen pieces inspired by Africa that she could not help but reinvent them for her equally enthralled clients. You can be sure that the pieces are not replicas but upgraded, high quality, trendy handmade jewelry that will be the envy of your peers.

If you love contemporary byproducts of African fashion designing then you truly deserve some Love from Adele Dejak. These pieces are essential for the fashion savvy individuals who want to stand out wherever they go. The Adele Dejak Love collection has something suitable for church, weddings, dinner, or the red carpet. A single piece from the boldly unique African jewelry designer will boost your confidence and earn you respect in your social circles. Do not be left out, head over to our shop at the Village Market, Nairobi Kenya, or visit our online shop to get yourself a piece of Adele Dejak’s Love. Our marketing team will be happy to receive you and even help you choose handmade jewelry that embodies your lovely loving nature.

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