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African Jewelry Buying Guide for the Eco-Friendly Fashion Lover

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African Jewelry Buying Guide

Our stunning collections are inspired by Africa, a continent where jewelry was traditionally made from metal, combined with other locally sourced materials. Such materials are, by nature, an element of eco-friendly fashion. While the array of Africa inspired jewelry looks great, we have noticed that many customers feel intimidated whenever they are shopping with us. For this reason, we felt that it would be nice to tell you about the popular metals used in African jewelry. Gold, silver, brass, and bronze are most common but you will also find great pieces made of palladium, stainless steel, cobalt, and copper. Metals bear different qualities which make one ideal for a certain type of jewelry and not another.


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper that is famous for its yellow gleaming tones that are reminiscent of gold. It is durable, workable and therefore a great choice for statement jewelry. It is also recyclable, making it a define material for eco-friendly fashion wear. In some African settings bras was used to make jewelry in the belief that it could help with joint pains, headaches and other complications associated with zinc and copper deficiency.

When shopping for brass rings it is recommended that you get a slightly bigger size to ensure proper circulation. If it is too tight, your ring will cause a green layer on the skin due to oxidation. Alternatively, you can buy brass pieces that have been lacquered to keep the skin from direct contact with copper.


Gold is soft and malleable making it the perfect metal for making jewelry in Africa. It was abundant in the olden days and therefore not as expensive as it is today. The most important things in a buying guide for gold jewelry are the quality markings and prices. Pure gold is labeled 24 carats and it is most expensive. The number keeps dropping as impurities increase and so does the price. While it is great to have a pure gold piece for eco-friendly fashion, remember that it is very soft and easily gets damaged. If you are looking for a gold piece that will last, it would be better to choose lower purity.


Bronze is a durable metal that has been used for 3000 years. It is much loved for its characteristic golden-blue tone and vintage appeal. Bronze is very popular for making jewelry in many parts of the world. As all buying guides for bronze will tell you; beware of tarnishing and ask about the best cleaner to keep your jewelry looking as good as new.


Silver may be the most affordable among precious metals today but there was a time it was even more valuable than gold. To make jewelry, pure silver must be mixed with other metals, as it is too soft on its own.

Hope this jewelry buying guide was of help and you can go shopping with confidence. To view different jewelry collections see or browse though our social media page to learn more about us.

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