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Your fire is my fire.

-Ben Saphiro

In the cosmos of modern styling, something that is truly odd isn’t truly odd to some. They say having a muse is part of our life script; a form of modern day questing. A muse shares in your passion and adventure – tells your story. A muse is a source of inspiration; a touchstone of places, activities and things that in a way inspire peace, joy and creativity in others.

Introducing, Darina Anstis, A.K.A Madusa Karma; the latest muse at Adele Dejak. She represents the modern African woman, stunningly beautiful and unapologetically bold with an eagle eye for fashion. She is truly the face of modern styling. Darina has a sense of creativity that is unique – a fierce connection with style and nature, and that is what we love about her.

Darina understands our aesthetic, and projects the brand with no instruction, without destruction. She shares our passion and adorns our jewelry with love, embraces our handicraft and wears our heart on her sleeves. She is a real ikon and seems to understand the mystic principles of modern styling. From rings to bracelets, necklaces to earrings, chokers to bags, Darina makes our statement handmade jewelry and accessories look like the work of art they really are, and without effort.

Darina has a go getter attitude and a strong determination to become a winner, a mover and a shaker. She is business minded and is not afraid to explore and exploit opportunities for the betterment of her and the community at large.

Coco Chanel once said “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” That is Darina for you; a girl boss by her own right!

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