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These are fashion accessories I love and just cant live without! they are without doubt my favourite fashion pieces. All are available online:

The recycled metal jewellery is sourced from Kenya especially Nairobi. It is then put un a furnace and then cast in a mould.

Once the fashion accessories come out of the furnace it undergoes 3 long processes of polishing, buffing and cleaning before it then undergoes quality control.

Adele 2 copy

This cuff is really a statement piece and its incredibly light.


For that glam look. We are never naked.

AD lux Bahati copy 3

Bahati cuff is from our Swaady collection and is already a best seller. A combination of recycled aluminium and recycled brass.

Paco 2

Chozia choker and sylzet pendant

I wear this all the time and just love it. It can be worn casually or as a statement piece.

cow horn, recycled jewellery, gold leaf
Gold leaf applique on Ankole cowhorn

Adele Dejak rings

These are our best selling rings and have been available for 5 years and are still going strong.

Zuri bracelets gold leaf

Ankole cow horn bangles that really look great stacked. These are all reclaimed horn that are used to create stunning pieces especially after they 24k gold led appliqué which is all done by a highly trained team of artisans.

All the recycled metals are handmade by local artisans in East Africa.

The Adele Dejak brand not only creates fashion but we also create much needed employment.

Luxury is a feeling. Luxury is a dream. Luxury is a beautiful journey.

All available online:

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