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Adele Dejak & Discover African Premium Luxury is a brand of luxury fashion accessories based in Nairobi. The pieces are handmade in Kenya using materials sourced from across the African continent. A fusion of African and European influences, they are designed by the owner and founder Adele Dejak, then assembled by some of the most talented artisans in Kenya and the region. The company specializes in handbags and jewellery but also produces on limited editions clothes, belts, sandals and other fashion accessories.

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The Adele Dejak brand is at the fore front of the African luxury movement as it draws on rich African heritage to create products which celebrate beauty and design in Africa. The brand has also collaborated on the recent past with Salvatore Ferragamo, Abury Berlin, Milan Fashion Week, Vogue Talents, La Rinascente, Fidenza Village Italy, Samsung #AmazeAfrica and with Sahel Design in Burkina Faso for leather tassels & chokers which we use to embellish our bags.

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ADELE DEJAK discovering African luxury defines African style; elegantly bold and beautiful without compromise. Adele Dejak embodies confidence, fearlessness and grace; modern and edgy with roots in African culture and inspired by African tradition.

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Our fashion accessories are seductive, as the many images of African adornment show, and weave a story of craftsmanship, proudly made in Africa. Adele’s pieces feel different because they are indeed distinct. The shapes are inspired from centuries of African traditions and cultures and uniquely handcrafted with materials from around the African continent. Included are neck pieces, bracelets, rings and cuffs that are made from the finest recycled materials, like the brand’s signature Ankole cow horn. Made by the best artisans in Uganda and Kenya, the collection strives to tell the story of the rich African culture and traditions with a contemporary perspective.

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Nothing is ever perfect in its entirety, especially handmade jewellery. The aim of ADELE DEJAK discovering African luxury line is not to own a perfect fashion accessories or produce a ‘flawless’ jewellery piece or bag, but a uniquely handmade piece, bearing the fingerprints of its human, rather than mechanical nature as well as its strong character and identity. It is something chic and timeless, at the same time it’s about creating your own confident identity.The collection captures a different kind of magic for a woman who wants to enhance her look and define her style

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ADELE DEJAK Discover African Premium Luxury brand reinforces the essence of Adele’s aesthetic: a beautiful handmade product and invites the owner to share a dream of beauty, wearing it with grace and being part of the African Renaissance.

To shop for the Brand, Visit us Today at the Village Market Store or To Shop Online:

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