Latest trends in the Jewelry industry

Latest trends in the Jewelry industry

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As a jewelry manufacturer, it’s always important to stay on top of your game when it comes to anything to do with latest trends.

One goal should always be to keep up with your client’s fashion needs. Clients and fashion influencers are looking to rock the latest trends in the market and you cannot afford to disappoint. Do your research and tweak your jewelry designs to match your client’s expectations.

We are all about empowering and supporting each other so, here are some of the latest trends we are excited for in the jewelry scene in 2019

Chunky Rings

Seen as the perfect way of creating an eye-catching statement, chunky rings are effortless, simply, bold and elegant.

They come in variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials including metallic, horn and even beaded pieces. These rings instantly amp up a plain outfit to into whole other level.

jewellery, Ring
K-Dazi Brass Ring

Layered Neck pieces

Messy layered neckpieces allow the wearer to be creative in their look. Be experimental and layer on those neck pieces in different sizes to create your desired” messy look”.

Do you want to jazz up your street look? Start by creating that beautiful mess by layering on those pieces.

Shell Jewelry

With summer time already here, elevating the ‘beach vibes’ look for the perfect gram picture is all we are going for.

Try shell jewelry; from exotic shells to common beachside shells all these are sure to bring out those summer vibes like nothing else.

Shell jewelry makes you look chic with a hint of boho effortlessly. When you take those beach pictures they won’t disappoint. Try them and thank us later!

Bold metals (Neckpieces)

We don’t rock delicate jewelry anymore, we go bold! Bold metallic chockers are a favorite of beauty gurus and fashion influencers in the industry.

These magnificent, bold and beautiful pieces could be made from a variety of materials including metals like our favorite brass and aluminum depending on taste. Pair this with a sassy jumpsuit and your look is instantly transformed.

Mismatched Earrings

This may seem odd to some people but they make a pretty fashion-forward look of pure elegance and boldness when paired with flared pants or a gorgeous gown. Do not be afraid to experiment, have that daring edge.

At AD, we have already embraced some of these latest trends because we like to think of ourselves as trend setters! Until next time don’t forget to be bold and beautiful in everything you rock!

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