Let's Catch Up On 'New Fashion' 2019

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Let’s Catch Up On New Fashion 2019

We have been missing in action for the better half of the year (and we are sorry) but as we near the end we felt it necessary to touch base on the year that has been starting with the events that made a mark in 2019, and the emergence of some new fashion.

Fashion is continually evolving, and this has seen the need for different stakeholders to come up with events that bring together fashion enthusiasts and retailers. With 2019 fast coming to an end, we have to admit that a lot has happened in the fashion world.


Back in February, Adele had the chance to attend Coterie, a global premier event that connects women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories designers with international retailers. The event seeks to build an exclusive shopping experience, something that allows brands and buyers to create an energy that translates into business growth, and for fashion houses to come up with new fashion. Adele made a personal visit to New York and it was such an amazing event sponsored by the ITC SheTrades Initiative. The event saw Adele Dejak with other heavy-hitting Kenyan brands like Katush and Lilabare take the big apple by storm with amazing made in Kenya fashion designs. Adele met some amazing people including our newest stockist in Uruguay, Magma. Not to mention her visit to various museums and exhibitions including her visit to the Whitney Museum to see one of her all time favorite artist Andy Warhol.

Eastern Africa Business Forum

In June, Adele was also invited as a speaker at the Eastern Africa Business Forum in the Ethical Fashion panel that took place in Rome. Together with UNIDO, Assafrica and the Embassy of Kenya, the conference explores the different ways that fashion businesses can be implemented to become a leader in environmental sustainability, climate change, and ethical responsibility.

South Africa and Italy: Emerging designers and affirmed fashion brands promoting the principles of Ethical Fashion. This is what is expected for the new fashion.

Later on, she traveled to Milan for the South Africa and Italy: Emerging designers and affirmed fashion brands promoting the principles of Ethical Fashion event organized by Pavia e Ansaldo, South African Consulate General: Milan, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry: Republic of South Africa), UNIDO ITPO Italy and Seda. Adele being a champion of ethical fashion and a pioneer in African Renaissance, spoke on the need to provide sustainable slow fashion accessories to the industry.

Global Gender Summit

The Global Gender Summit 2019 took place in November. Adele got an invite to the summit under the Fashionomics Pop Up – an initiative by the African Development Bank. Although she wasn’t available to attend, Joanne (Head of Operations) represented Adele in the summit. This was the first time the Gender Global Summit was hosted by an African country and we are so pleased to have been in attendance.

Adele Dejak

One of the key highlights was the launch of the Fashionomics Africa Digital Marketplace and mobile app. It is the first-ever networking platform dedicated to SME’s operating in the African apparel, textile, and accessories industries.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Look out for the next blog as we look at other amazing moments that happened this year!

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