Jewelry Photography - "Tips and Tricks and Unique Know how

Jewelry Photography - "Tips and Tricks and Unique Know how

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Jewelry Photography; “Tips and Tricks”

Have you ever wondered why jewelry on magazines, websites and catalogues look extra stunning and sparkling with elegance, full of life and splendidness? With no fault or blemishes? Well, there is so much skill and unique know how that goes into achieving that kind of aesthetics when it comes to pictures of jewelry.

So, sit tight and we will give you a front row seat on ways you can make your jewelry sparkle for your business.
Here are some of the “Tips and Tricks” that may come in handy.

Tip 1. Polish your Jewelry
You do not want to be taking photos of unpolished and dusty jewelry, this is the number one rule in jewelry photography rule book, different solvents and methods are used when polishing jewelry depending on the kind of jewelry you produce, do some research to avoid damaging your jewelry. Wear gloves to avoid leaving finger prints on them after polishing, you want a sleek, clean polished look before taking that photo. Remember, you are trying to achieve that elegant glow.

Tip 2. Keep it simple with the layout
The best way to showcase the full glory of a jewelry piece is to keep it simple. Simply let your jewelry shine, need we say more? Avoid clutter when doing the layout for the photo. This will also make your jewelry look more clean, elegant and sophisticated, they say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. It’s all found in the unique know how.

Tip 3. Choose the right background
Avoid too much colors that distract the eye from the art which is the piece of jewelry choose a theme and go with it if you have to, but let the piece of jewelry shine. Black and white themed photos have always worked for us giving our jewelry that exquisite, elegant and bold appearance, looking like they came out straight from the cover of vogue. But it all attributed to our unique know how.

Tip 4. Use a good camera
Always use a good camera and preferably one with a macro lens. A macro lens is designed for taking photographs of small images at very close distances which make the jewelry look bold, elegant and exquisite. Seeing as jewelry look great when close up shots are taken, this is an investment you will surely not regret when taking photos of jewelry for your business.

Tip 5. Good Lighting
Good lighting is determined by the aperture you use when photographing, the lighting set up and whether or not you are using natural lighting. A standard set up should consist of two flash heads or continuous lights, one on the left and one on the right side of the piece of jewelry you are photographing.

Tip 6. Work with models
Make your jewelry speak and relatable by actually using real life models as opposed to mannequins. People want to see how it will look on human flesh and how your jewelry can be paired by different outfits. Using an array of models with different skin tones also helps buyers in knowing which jewelry pieces best complement their skin tones and vice versa. Throw away those mannequins and focus on your unique knowhow!

I hope these few tips will help in upgrading your jewelry photography in the aspects of upgrading the aesthetics in general, may it be for website use or advertising. Until next time lets keep on being bold and elegant in our jewelry choices.

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