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How to Take Care of Your Precious Luxury Cow Hide Bag

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Cowhide is unlike any other material used to make handbags, clutches, purses and any other precious fashionable item. To maintain its lustrous, luxurious feel, the hide must receive proper TLC. Unfortunately, many people assume that water and detergent are the way to go. Instead of rejuvenating a bag, this technique reduces its appeal and drastically shortens its lifespan.

Large cowhide tote bag
Luxury Cow Hide Bag in Action

To clean and care for your precious cowhide bag like the L. Adelina, you need to learn some basic skills and purchase some special cleaning agents. Anything you choose for cleaning cowhide clutches, bags or purses should be pH neutral and non-ionic. Before the time comes to clean it, make sure to store your bag is in a cool, dry place otherwise, mold and mildew will have a field day.

To clean that precious item, start by gently brushing your luxury cowhide bag to remove loose dirt. Follow this by gentle rubbing with a damp cloth to soak up stains from spills. Avoid making the cloth too moist as this increases the risk of your bag getting mold damage. During this step remember that it is proper to use specially formulated cowhide cleaner. If there is any solid matter on the bag, remove it with the cutting edge of a knife, going in the direction of the hair.

Cow hide clutch oozing luxury
Olexia Almaz Cowhide Clutch

When you finish removing stains, use a damp cloth to rub the hide in all directions. This will spread them allowing for a good cleaning. If you are satisfied rinse using clean water and wipe this precious fashionable item with a dry towel to remove excess moisture. The final step is to brush the hair in its natural direction so that it dries smooth. You will need to lay down your luxury cowhide bag on a flat surface to dry.

If you want your bag to last long, NEVER immerse it in water or hose it down. Soaking a cowhide or that precious leather bag should only happen as a last resort when it is too dirty. If you have more questions about cleaning or caring for fashion accessories, make sure to ask in the comments section. Before that, you could also check out other topics on this blog.


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