Take your earring game from Drab to Fab

Take your earring game from Drab to Fab

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What’s the easiest way to take your earring game from drab to fab?
Ear cuffs! Love the look of an accessorized ear, but don’t want anything permanent? How about an exploration into an earring game. Ear cuffs are a great way to experiment. They are hustle and pain free as you don’t need additional piercings. It’s a pop-and go situation! Here’s all you need to know. Who should we thank for the ear cuff trend? The first ear cuff ever recorded in history, in 2000 BC, was called a Kaffa. It was designed to hug the curve on the outside edge of the ear, and because it put little weight on the ear, could be worn in large and dramatic styles. Ear cuffs continued to be worn over the centuries, and were repopularized during the 1990s grunge period in simple silver styles. They’re back in! There’s never been a better time to jazz up your outfit with an ear cuff! And the great news is we’ve got a few custom AD ear cuffs for you to try. We’re also currenty loving the Punk Ear Cuff from ALexander McQueen. It’s a modern take to the ear cuff trend with the edgy multiple hood design which makes for a bold stylish statement. So, earring game is not a recent phenomenon.
Do I need to pierce my ears?
Absolutely not! You can skip the pain and save some of your hard-earned money while you’re at it. Imagine slipping an ear cuff right on and seeing what it looks like to have a cartilage piercing, without any of the pain or care required to take care of a piercing. Impeccable earring game with no obligations!
What should I team my ear cuffs with?
There really are no rules to this . Own your style always!Create your ear party depending on the occasion . For our larger designs consider pairing with smaller delicate pieces and vice versa.
How do I put my ear cuff on?
Placing an ear cuff on your ear for the first time may be a little confusing but practice really does make perfect. Stand by a mirror with the cuff parallel to your ear and slip it on to the thinnest part of your ear. This may vary depending on the design. Lastly, check that it’s the right size by tagging on it and seeing whether it comes off or not. The fit is perfect if it doesn’t.
How do I adjust my ear cuff to size?
Some of our ear cuffs are designed with a bit of an allowance to cater for varying ear shapes and sizes. To size down, pinch the two ends of the cuff between your thumb and forefinger and gently press in until you reach the desired size. You can also size up the cuffs using a pair of pliers to expand the space between the two ends -just apply equal pressure outward as you’re expanding the cuff to keep it balanced.
Are they bedtime friendly?
When it comes to whether or not to sleep in an ear cuff, it depends onsize and design. We recommend taking off any large, elaborate ones.

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