Black 3 Ways

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Black is Adèle’s staple and her love of the colour is reflected in a lot of our styling. Who doesn’t love black? Elegant, classic and great for showing off bold accessories such as ours. Here are some style ideas of how to take black from Monday through to Sunday afternoon. We chose pieces from the new Mary & House of Fraser collection to offset our designs (items from the Adèle Dejak collection will be available to buy at our upcoming exclusive event in London)

Office party
Simonetta Aluminium earrings
Mary Portas Aurora dress
Asante recycled aluminium bracelets
Rora recycled aluminium bracelets

Adele-Dejak-Mary-Portas-Night-w-girls Black 3 ways
Friday night out with the girls

Night out with the girls
Afri-Love Ayoza necklace
Mary Portas Tux jacket and Skinny leather trouser
Aurora horn bracelets

Adele-Dejak-Mary-Portas-Weekend-lunch Black 3 ways
Sunday brunch (somewhere warm!)

Weekend brunch
Kool Kuba Adelina necklace
Mary Portas No-Brainer Dress
Oalexia Kuba clutch
Adele Dejak sandals with white beads

Don’t forget to come and see the Adèle Dejak pieces in person at our London event on November 8th!

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