Quality Business Advice to Help You Start Out

Quality Business Advice to Help You Start Out

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The prospect of starting a business is always thrilling. It is a chance to do something that will generate an income and probably even outlive you. However, as a budding entrepreneur stepping out into the market can be challenging if not scary. Worry no more though, coz I have some business quality advice to give you more confidence starting out;

  • In the fashion business, you have to save money because, at one point, you will need to invest it back. This tip was given to fashion Guru Daymond Jones of FuBu who agrees that saving is an important strategy for keeping your business approach, and I agree with this quality business advice too.
  • You need to choose your career as seriously as you would a spouse. A career will consume a lot of your time, more than even, what you will spend with your partner. Surely, you do not want to spend all that time in the wrong business, do you? Quality and precision takes time.
  • It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Not to say you should go around doing negative things but rather that you should never wait for anyone to approve your ideas before executing them. Especially in the fashion business, you would rather go for it, because if you are afraid, somebody else will simply take over space. Quality trends do not start themselves; they are the ideas of bold people who dare to do what they need to do without seeking approval from others.
  • Never give up, or in…When I started out, the challenges were many and many times I thought of folding but then passion and good business advice kept me doing it. Unfair competitors, copycats, and pure sabotage will make you want to give up on your business but no; keep your head up and push on. Haven’t you heard that gold has to go through fire before becoming the quality luxurious metal we all love? The troubles you face in business are just but the fire that will mold you into a successful individual
  • Patience does indeed pay. Do not be the kind of person that wants to see results yesterday, cowers at the slightest sign of adversity and never gives ideas or people a second chance. Businesses take time to take root and start looking the way you envisioned them. Be patient to let this happen naturally by doing what you need to do and not constantly fretting over possible and existing challenges.
  • Be the boss but do not be bossy. We get that it is your business and you want it to grow but being rude, overly strict, and always hovering over your employees will not cut it. Instead, you need to cultivate feelings of loyalty among those who play a part in your business be they employees, partners or service providers. Being kind, polite, fair and understanding does not make you any less of the boss; in fact, it only helps to assert that fact.
  • Finally, do not listen to business advice. This seems odd but pause for a moment and think about it…You are the ultimate decision maker for your business and will need to do things that seem unusual. If you follow what everyone tells you, chances of doing this will be very limited. There may be no such thing as quality advice. Listen to everyone but make your own decision because in business nobody has the absolute truth.

In my jewelry business, this advice helps me stay focused and I hope it does the same for you. For more on this and other topics, feel free to visit my blog on www.adeledejak.com/blog. Also, feel free to leave your comments, ask questions and show us some love on your favorite social media.


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