10 reasons to attend our London event (as if you need some more)

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One day to go until our exclusive London event! If for some strange reason you still need some, here’s some encouragement …
  1. You washed your hair on Sunday
  2. You’re looking for something fabulous and fierce for the Christmas party season
  3. A girl can always use another excuse to have cocktails on a “school night”
  4. You can record Glee and watch it later
  5. This is the year you’re doing all your Christmas shopping early!

And here are 5 more reasons …

Adele Dejak exclusive London event

Whether you’re looking for something:

  1. Afri-love-fabulous (Kikuu necklace)
  2. Functional (Marzia kuba bag)
  3. Classic (Tandi bracelets)
  4. Upcycled (Yves Cement bag)
  5. Festive (Salome Ostrich belt)

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Don’t forget to RSVP for a chance to win a piece from our jewellery collection – email info@thedriftbar.co.uk with ‘Dejak Giveaway’ in the subject of the email*. More details here.

* Contestants must be present at the sale to win

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