Adele has been collaborating with Olubunmi AKA Bunmi for 6 years now.

“Nigerian designer Olubunmi Adeyemi is on a mission to create just that with Afrominima: a new design language and ethos from Africa. The self-coined term translates to “Afrocentric minimalism”, inspired by the functionality of Scandinavian design and Japanese minimalism, in conjunction with the Yoruba culture of Nigeria. Afrominima aims to reinstate the power that culture can bring to design, while allowing Adeyemi to revisit his own roots and explore its potential impact on design, all while establishing an African take on minimalism.”  

Afrominima aims to break those boundaries by creating a new African design movement for a global audience. “I want to be part of that change coming from Africa and Nigeria and create something that has global appeal; something that can be impactful for design and the social economy,” he says.

“In Nigeria we don’t really have access to technological production, so I rely on combining craftsmanship and design by working with local artisans and sourcing local materials. This has a trickle-down effect. Not only am I creating a brand but I am also trying to improve the lives of local artisans in Nigeria while discovering innovative ways to create things from the materials we have here in my homeland. I believe designers need to impact their communities and society.”

The clean, minimal feel of the collections is the effortless blend of Adele Dejak’s luxurious aesthetic and Afrominima’s philosophy. Afrominima is compounded from ‘Afrocentric Minimalism.’ The movement is about design, ethos, philosophy, lifestyle and African culture.

Through minimalist design, they reference past and present culture to inform African futures. Their creed ‘Less is Afro’ reflects both current culture as well as Africa’s minimalist future.