Woman Crush: Daphne Guiness

Woman Crush: Daphne Guiness

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Daphne Guiness is a British and Irish fashion designer, art collector, model, musician, film producer and actor. She is an heir by direct descent of the 18th century Irish brewer Arthur Guinness.

The first thing you notice about Daphne Guinness are her clothes. There’s no way you could miss them. These aren’t just schmattes covering the body; but they merely gorgeous, fashionable garments, and beautifully made by leading designers.

Guinness’s attire veers from fashionable to fantastical. When you see her during events in London or, perhaps, around the haute couture shows in Paris, she is a quixotic apparition, clad in high-fashion fetish-gear and glistening gewgaws and invariably elevated several inches in altitude.


For someone seen as a dedicated follower of fashion, this fashion designer is somewhat dismissive of the business at large. “Fashion, actually… I don’t find that very interesting. The idea of being able to transform yourself because we can, because we are human beings, that’s interesting. But I don’t think fashion, because it has become so much of a business, is that interesting.”



We find her style absolutely stunning and appreciate her support of new and undiscovered talent in fashion which is widely documented. And in case you need more understanding as to why we adore her, you should check out her website www.daphneguiness.com

daphne guiness

Style: "Purple1"
Style: “Purple1”

Material provided above is from Wikepedia, the Independent Interview conducted by ALEXANDER FURY and www.daphneguiness.com

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