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What Does Your Favourite Accessory Say About You

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A truly unique fashion accessory should have a story behind it. Did you know that we can tell (just by observing) what your go to accessory says about your personality? You might not realize it, but there are lots of things your jewelry can reveal about you. You might just think you’re accessorizing your favorite outfit, but the pieces and placement of the jewelry you select can actually let others in on certain aspects of your personality. Don’t worry there’s nothing bad or strange, but it is certainly fun and insightful to find out the things your jewelry says about you. Before we do, we just need to remind you that your personality is the best accessory you can ever possess. It determines your kind of fashion accessory. Now, without further ado, have a look at the list and discover more about your accessory personality.

The Statement Seeker:

Are you one to wear statement necklaces and other bold pieces regularly? Does your fashion sense slip more towards hippie-style than anything else? Are you most comfortable during the summer months wearing sandals and tank tops? Yep, you’re a statement seeker! If you love big and bold and lots of metal, your jewelry says a lot about the laid back life that you’d love to live.

(Almaz pendant)Almaz ok 3

The Classic Chic:

Tennis bracelets, pearls, simple but edgy pieces are a big part of your jewelry collection. Statement necklaces are rarely ever worn, and you prefer smaller earrings to larger ones. If this sounds like you, you’re probably pretty classic all around. You may like to brunch and shop on Sundays, and you’d never miss work if you don’t have to.

(Hasina brass)
Hasina x 3

The ‘All About Me’ Girl:

Do you wear love fashion accessories especially rings and necklaces with your initial? Take a lot of selfies? Were you part of the cheerleading squad in high school? Maybe you were even a mean girl! Jewelry that shows off your initials probably means that you want people to know who you are and there’s nothing wrong with that! You may love shopping, wine tasting, and going out to a restaurant where you can be seen but only in the right outfit.

(K-Dazi Ring)K-DAZI 5

The Bling Queen:

Do you love jewelry that shows off just how much you can spend on bling? If you love to stand out by sparkling, you’re the type of person that enjoys the finer things in life. Bring on the champagne and caviar!

(Bahati Bracelet)Bahati 8

The Simple Sophisticate:

Chain necklaces, simple thin bracelets, and earrings that are both elegant and understated are what you’re after. You probably love picnics, walks along the beach barefoot, and wearing things that are totally comfortable like yoga pants and tees. You aren’t much into bling, but you’ll love any piece that he picks out for you because you’re just nice like that!

(K-Jua light horn)K-JUA LIGHT

The Trend Follower:

Is your fashion accessory box so full of contrasting pieces that you aren’t sure where you’ll put the stuff that you find next? If you love every trend, and want to follow most of them, you’re a trend follower, and you probably look amazing doing it. You know what’s fashionable and what’s not, and you always have a clear sense of what you love and what you hate, and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest.

(Mercy)MERCY 6

The Whimsical Wearer:

Do you love fashion accessory that includes charms and other fun bits? If so, you’re probably the type of person that enjoys a good romantic comedy, loves to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously. Your jewelry of choice is a lovely charm bracelet that tells the tale of your life (but nothing too serious!).

(K-JAAK bracelet)K-JAAK 2


No matter your personality type and regardless of the pieces you gravitate towards, it is ALWAYS extremely important to consider the type of situation that you are in. For instance, for a job interview, a person may want to wear simple stud earrings or small hoops. If you do wear a necklace, the chain should be thin, with nothing flashy hanging from it. During interviews, people want to give a more conservative impression. Your jewelry should complement you but not take over.

On the other hand, for a party or a night out on the town, you can most certainly wear one of your nicest pieces of jewelry or perhaps something with more sparkle, bling and flash to it. Have fun with it!

Conservative jewelry is an essential part of a professional wardrobe. Artistic jewelry is more about making a statement. Both styles are valid and necessary in everyday life for just about everyone. Give some thought to what pieces of jewelry you put on each day. They speak about what kind of personality you have whether you are at work or at play. The beautiful part is that NOW you can afford to allow yourself a wide selection of options each day.


Hope you enjoyed learning about your accessory personality.

We bring you all the jazz without the wallet sting!

All you have to do now is shop for all sides of your personality and for every social situation imaginable.

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