Tip Corner: How to rock our cowhide & leather clutches

Tip Corner: How to rock our cowhide & leather clutches

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Hello Adele Team,

We trust that your weekend has been nothing short of fabulous. Monday`s can be a bit daunting for most but I hope that you know we are always here to spice it up. Tip corner is here to wash away your monday blues each fortnight by spoiling you with tips on all matters fashion accessories beginning with how to rock our cowhide and leather clutchs. We hope you enjoy!

When you own a massive bag it is very hard as a lady not to throw all your wardrobe, make-up collection, together with other paraphernalia you do not need. And if you ask us why we have all that stuff in there, we vehemently insist that we need them or there shall come a time when they will come in handy. Though, in all honesty, heavy bags are annoying to carry around and the fact that we do not really need all that baggage and end up losing space for the actual necessities is rediculous . And then there are those days, mostly nights when you do know for sure that your super cute clutch purse is sufficient.

Our must-have fashion accessories have fun elements capable of bringing out every woman’s edgy, sassy and sophisticated side. Every piece in this collection is unique in its characteristics and colouring due to the fact that they are end products of natural materials.

And without further ado the following are tips on how to incorporate our very stylish Cowhide and Leather clutches into your everyday style.

  1. Be Confident

Kaya hide clutch bag

At Adele Dejak designs the word subtle seizes to exist. Our designs depict our unique inclination to stand out and be different. As bold as these clutches are so are our processes. And it is in that, that we are confident that we are reaching out to you who is daring enough to rock it. And for one to pull it off you need to be confident. Own it and let your inner brave fashionista shine.

  1. Bolder is better


No exaggerations but for you to rock the cowhide and leather clutches you need to either go very bold or go home. The rest of the outfit needs to be well put together so as to pull it off. The detailing for how you pair your arm candy (jewellery) is crucial and we suggest our Bahati bracelet and Kamita rings to complete the arm candy look.

  1. Prepare to take centre stage

Kaya mud cloth clutch

Our vibrant collection of clutch bags effortlessly grabs attention with their eye catching skills. Be prepared to have other ladies asking where your pieces are from so again be confident to own your style and refer them to www.adeledejak.com

  1. Get Miniature necessities


Bulging bags are a NO! NO! So if you MUST put more than your phone, money, lip gloss and a mint, we recommend you get miniature versions of your must have items such as a tiny perfume bottle, sanitizer etc. So please no big and extra items that will leave your classy clutch looking like a hot mess. This trick will also help your clutch look fabulous forever.

  1. Practical

69. K-julia

The best and most important part about rocking this collection of clutches is their practicability. For starters, the size somehow manages to fit an iPad, makeup, keys and cards without bulging. Also, each and every one of this piece of fashion accessories is meticulously created to take you from a day out in the mall or city to a special night out.

And last but not least, the simple designs are not only classic pieces but WARDROBE STAPLES which transcend through all the seasons of the year.

If you are in the market to up your clutch purse game a notch higher, ORDER YOURS NOW (or for a friend)!!!!


The clutches are beautifully embellished with handcrafted SAHEL DESIGN TASSEL.

SAHEL designs are from Burkina Faso. The artisanal skills in making these are part of the cultural heritage of the country. Inspired by the Fulani Horse lovers tradition, when people used to dress their steeds in vibrant tassels to accentuate the horse’s movement and turn heads. Traditional Fulani horse harnesses have strong braided straps which are hand woven by highly skilled leather workers. All SAHEL Design accessories employ this unique Fulani skill, evoking equine elegance and strength. The tassels are luxury crafted leather products tell the story of a bygone era. A time when days were long and bare hooves echoed across desert sands. A time of robust and beautiful workmanship that could secure a horse and look good too.

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