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The Tranoi Tradeshow


It all started with a Parisian Love Affair. In the latter days of September and the early days of October, the autumn season brought new tidings into the world’s fashion capital. Adele Dejak had made her way through the blossoming city to showcase her world-renowned jewelry designs. The eclectic, sturdy, and Baroque architecture created a backdrop for the monumental Tranoi Trade Show.

A highly popular Business to Business (B2B) tradeshow, Tranoi features over 150 influential and upcoming designers at the Palais Brongniart, offering a chance for art enthusiasts to consume upcoming spring and summer designs. The studded four-day event offered the Adele Dejak Brand an opportunity to gain a wider audience and maintain consumer loyalty in the French Fashion atmosphere.

You, Me and Some Paris

The Tranoi Tradeshow collaborates closely with the Paris Fashion Week, which hosts another important biannual fashion event. Designers are chosen in a fiercely competitive roster managed by the Tranoi Team and the French Governing Body: The Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion /Federation de la Haute Couture et de La Mode (FCHM). This same governing body plays a significant role in French fashion by managing Ready to Wear (RTW) Couturiers and Designers. With the stakeholders’ backing, the decades-long movement of forward-thinking fashion began.

Paris trade show for fashion accessories
Paris trade show for fashion accessories African Designers at Tranoi in Paris

This green – lit opportunity allowed Adele to curate her booth in the best and most Dejak way possible, full of personality and presence. This was further catalyzed with the help of Annike, a fellow creative who eased Adele’s experience in all matters of fashion.

Adele Dejak’s jewels had a minimalist ambience and were full of geometric furniture pieces that had white, black and grey colours. The luxury jewelry also glowed in the pink and orange – hued sky. The various art consumers and shot callers from around the globe could now devour the magnetic art of Adele Dejak.

Each of Adele’s pieces showcased every intricate part of their design structure in a complementary way. Their unique names not only added to their authenticity and personality, but also to their empowering and innovative taste. From the popular Farida and Ayoka neckpieces, to the bold and futuristic F-Kifuli and Margaret rings & bracelets, each jewelry piece fed into the fashion crave The Tranoi audience yearned for. Our Model Anyon Asola, who fiercely rocked the Bahati Almaz, Taha and Milla designs, beautifully displayed these.

Some ring sets displayed at The Tranoi Tradeshow

It’s such a ‘Creativution’.

The innovation–filled atmosphere designed an ambiance for Artists, Designers, Media, Buyers, and Global Leaders to form camaraderie beneficial to the industry. Such is the case with David Tlale, a fellow renowned Fashion Designer who wore some of Adele’s designs like the Aluna ring. Tlale also displayed Adele’s Farida necklace at this stand, which is now at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

This teamwork spirit has ricocheted in other fashion initiatives that Adele Dejak has been part of. Initiatives that embrace the influence and passion that African Fashion has on a global scale. Courtesy of the Guest Creative Director Cristelle Kocher, Designers like Adele Dejak, Galeries Lafayette, Farfetch, and Selfridges can continue to push their vision of luxury, sustainability, and renaissance.

Our Model Anyona rocking The Taha Neckpiece

The Love Affair Continues….

Ultimately, The Tranoi Tradeshow was a fun-filled and wholesome experience for Adele. Both as a Designer and a Businesswoman, the yearly event sparked feelings of love and appreciation for the woman-owned, African–based business. The replication of the vast support in Adele Dejak’s Designs through sales, referrals, and avenues is a clear sign of bigger opportunities.

From collaborations, nods, coverage, and business, Adele’s experience in Paris is a forever bookmarked location for lovers’ art, design, and fashion. With the days’ yonder, we cannot wait for the next Parisian adventure.

Are you ready for the movement?

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