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ThrowBack With Our Little Black Dress

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“Rule of a Lady – Three words: Little Black Dress.”

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Taking all the social media norms into account, we all are aware that being a Wednesday, it goes without saying that it is #WednesdayCrushWednesday leaving Thursday to a #throwback. For #TeamAdele, we’ve decided to shake up things a little bit by both crushing on our Little Black Dress that is set to Re-launch soon while at the same time doing a major throwback since its inception and re-invention in the year 2014/2015

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Take a good look into your elegant closet. Is there anything in there that you would never take out? Chances are it would be your little black dress. Reason being the little black dress forms an integral and essential part in a woman’s closet. There is no single woman who misses a black outfit in her closet. Whether it is a shift dress, a tight fitting body con dress or skater dress, she sure does own one or a number.

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Dating back in the 1920s, black was known to be reserved for times of mourning. This was not until Coco Chanel shook up the ideology behind this slogan that black was only to be worn during times of morning. She went ahead and published an article on simple, little black dress that went viral and women of all kinds and nature began associating themselves with the little black dress.

Where does this lead us?

Adele Dejak is finesse woman who is elegant in her own style and nature. “Classy is the original black and I can only stop wearing black when they invent a darker color!” Adele Dejak. There’s no single day that you’ll find her in any color apart from black. You will always hear her say, “Black is my happy color.”

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A little black dress makes a woman feel beautiful and glamorous as it’s a long-lasting, elegant and affordable to a large market of women. With this said, Adele Dejak is set to re-launch her new line of Little Black Dresses. It will be better, bigger and is certainly here to stay!

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates regarding the #ReLaunchOfOurLittleBlackDresses

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