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Adele's Moon Safari with Her Gang of Creatives in Naivasha

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“Be You. Be your own kind of special.” Adele Dejak.

Just as water is important for a living creature to survive, so is a unique quality fashion and beauty photography. Fashion and beauty photography is one of the important area of study just as it is an important part of our everyday life. This is because it is always present, even though it’s not necessarily something people consciously ponder over and about such as getting dressed for a photo shoot showcasing Adele’s jewellery pieces with the designer herself, Adele Dejak.

Late in July, Adele got to interact with her gang of creatives, Randy and Alexis, following their moon safari to Naivasha.

Capture One

Two days prior to the Naivasha shoot, Alexis Nereah and Randy met with Adele Dejak at her office where they had the opportunity to share some of the ideas and styling concepts they had in mind for her pieces.

The big day commenced for the gang in Nairobi where they dined for their early breakfast and later on did their final checks of the camera equipment, outfits, makeup, and Adele’s pieces from her studio. At about 10am, their journey kicked off. After 2 hours of driving, the gang arrived at their chosen location. “It took us about 15 minutes to set up: Alexis did her makeup as Michael (the photographer) and Randy did some test shots,” Randy. “Once everything was set and looked good, we began the shoot. We were able to shoot for about 4 hours but we would have carried on if it wasn’t for the rain,” Randy. The photographer was very smooth as Michael is easy to work with as we all had the same vision we were working towards for this shoot.


The experience in Naivasha was very successful as Alexis and Michael would agree that the natural environment at Naivasha was very beautiful and calming. This in turn made the overall experience of the shoot very pleasant and we all synced and worked so well together.

“Not only was it was a great honor and pleasure working with my team, as well as having the opportunity to shoot with Adele’s pieces but I do consider Adele to be one of most creative, inspiring, and most important artist both locally and internationally. I look forward to more future opportunities to work with Adele,” Randy and Team.

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