The Faces Behind our Handmade Story – Meet William

The Faces Behind our Handmade Story – Meet William

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Hi there!
It’s been a while since we did a post on our handmade story, especially one featuring our elegant artisans who work with due diligence. This segment gives you a glimpse of the people who dedicate their time and talent to their craft, thus presenting you with our beautiful, high-quality pieces.
This week, we focus on William, one of our super-gifted tailors.
Leave any comments or questions you may have for William in the comments section below.

Tell us about William

My full name is William Ronga, from Homabay county. I came to Nairobi in 2007 and here at Adele Dejak I work as a tailor. My biggest drive is to change my life, and my future. My strongest value is due diligence.

What would you say your greatest weakness is?

(Laughing). You know everyone has to have a weakness, personally I seem to struggle a lot with time keeping. I seem to find myself late often, even if it is just barely. But I know it is work in progress.

What is your favorite of all Adele Dejak pieces and why?

I seem to love all the bags (Laughing). My favorite is the Swaddy bag, because I think it is not only for ladies, even men can carry it. It is also very beautiful.

What is your most memorable childhood experience?

I remember walking to school bare foot, and going to herd my father’s cows. Those were my toughest times as a child, because I wanted to play but would be forced to herd cattle, and I did it because I feared the punishment that would follow.

What profession would you be in another life?

I think I would be a traffic policeman. I always wanted to be an officer since I was young, and I admired the traffic police officers as they were smartly dressed and I think I would enjoy directing traffic.


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