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The Faces Behind our Handmade Story - Meet Valentine

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Last week, we embarked on a journey through our handmade story. We get to know the people behind the scenes at Adele Dejak – the artisans. As we travel together, this week we talk to the ever smiley Valentine. Let us know any additional questions you may have for him in the comments section at the end of this post.

Tell us about Valentine?

Our handmade story series - Meet Valentine

Valentine is a dad to 6 adorable children, 5 girls and a boy. I am a jewellery and I also do bags. I have been with the Adele Dejak brand for 8 years now and had the opportunity to learn and perfect my skills in almost all areas of the workshop. I do metalwork, hornwork, cloth work – name them.

What’s your biggest virtue?

I take pride in observing time and keeping my work area in a spic and span state.

Valentine at work - Our handmade story
Valentine at work – Our handmade story

What’s your most favourite piece?

The Stefania bag. It’s lovely, durable, big yet very portable and I would love to gift a loved one with it some day. I also love the technique that’s used to make it.

Valentine holding the Stephania bag - his most favourite piece at Adele Dejak
Valentine holding the Stephania bag – his most favourite piece at Adele Dejak

Tell us about a life experience that changed your life?

In 2003, I got involved in a grisly road accident. No one would believe that I left the scene of the accident with only a fractured leg. I got so close to death and I must say my perspective in life has never been the same ever since.

Our handmade story series - meet Valentine

Any favourite song or quote your would like to share with us?

I love Ali Kiba, a Bongo musician. Bongo is a music genre from Tanzania that’s sung in Swahili. I love the messages in his music as it’s things that we can all relate with in our day to day life. My most favourite one is Mac Muga, the story of a young man who had money but swindled it on worldly pleasures in a foreign country. He ended up coming back home with nothing!


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