The elegant Art of Accessorizing According to our PR Exec

The elegant Art of Accessorizing According to our PR Exec

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Nothing screams stylish and put together like an elegant and a well-accessorized outfit! It’s important to understand the art of accessorizing. That’s right it’s an ART. Personally, the bolder the better. Delightfully sophisticated and edgy is my vibe. I especially love African neckpieces. They’re perfect, and I sort of hoard them. My growing collection feels like a safe investment–I figure if as they’ve stayed looking this good for this long, they are probably timeless.

Always Dress for the occasion

A great way to look elegant is dressing for the occasion and the same goes for accessorizing. So whether he’s finally asked you out or you have a big award show coming up or Mary’s getting married on Tuesday. Whatever the case it never hurts to jazz up your outfit here and there. Go bold for weddings, concerts and any huge events. The Allela brass chocker, Lumusi Brass Choker and Fallela Neckpiece from Adele Dejak would be great to consider if you’re looking to make a statement. At the office or first date, we recommend dainty pieces unless your office is more liberal than most or dainty just isn’t you.

Start with what you have

It’s okay to start slowly. Even if you don’t think you have any elegant jewellery you probably do. Check your stores and see what you can find. Even a simple chain necklace or pair of fun earrings can change the feeling of an outfit. If you’ve worn the same studs every day for years or never bother with bracelets, set a schedule: Incorporate jewellery into your outfits on Tuesdays and Thursdays to start.

In case your wrists are bare, try to slip on a bracelet or watch. If you’ve got an open neckline, try an elegant necklace. Keep it up for a few weeks. Once you’re in the habit, add a few more days or switch to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Soon, you’ll be a pro on the art of accessorizing!

Cinch your waist

Looking to give the illusion of a smaller waist and give your elegant outfit a wow factor at the same time? You guessed right belts are your best bet! Figure out which works for your figure, then which width of belt you like best. So start with a scarf: Put on a fairly loose dress or tunic, and try belting it with a scarf at various spots on your bod. Hips, wearing waist, natural waist, and close your bust like an empire waistline. See what looks best.

And for the men in the building …

Most of the rules apply to you too a little experimenting here and there and you’ll be good to go. The choices can be a little overwhelming. For starters basics like a watch, bag and sunglasses will do. As you progress add some rings as well as neckpieces to your collection both simple and bold to give you a bit of edge that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Hats are the answer!

Bonus tip on the art of accessorizing wear an elegant hat. It’s the perfect accessory for both men and women. Whenever you feel like your outfit is a little drab throw on a good old hat. After rediscovering photos of my staple highs school outfits, I swore I would never return to my “statement hat” phase. However, lately, my saved Instagram folder has been populated with head toppers of this precise variety—so I must be backsliding, and I’m pretty sure the scorching hot Nairobi weather that should have been here in January but wasn’t probably thanks to global warming can take credit for that. Most fashion icons swear by this trick and for good reason. They come in lots of different styles and shapes so it’s easy to find the ideal one for you.

That’s it from me folks. Go forth and slay!

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