Being Authentic in the Fashion World

Being Authentic in the Fashion World

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Being Authentic in the Fashion World

Fashion is a way to express our individuality. Diversity makes fashion beautiful and inspirational. However, with the glitz and glamour that comes with fashion, it’s difficult for women to avoid imitation. As a woman looking for an original reinvention of your traditional adornment culture, you’ll be forced to look even harder the world over for something that will make you look unique and stand out.

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Selfies are on the rise, and it’s easy to spot young women taking photos copying their authentic fashion icons. Our love for trends also leads us to get these items and conform. Being self-confident and bold is wearing distinctive and original fashion accessories and clothing. Authenticity makes you stand out and shows that you’re not a slave of fashion colonialism. It’s this uniqueness that makes you appreciated and noticed in any crowd.

Inspiration to Fashion

Moreover, you’ll notice some big names in the fashion industry have in the recent past used their authentic overseas designs to stitch up dresses made with local African fabrics. This takes away the feeling of originality and authenticity. While this may seem like they are creating a bold fashion statement; they are simply victims of fashion colonialism imitating what is traditionally African. What’s more, this trend makes it difficult for African fashion designers who work hard to create unique African designs to thrive in both the local and international market.

However, there is hope for Africa’s fashion market. In Africa, we’re able to create authentic and stunning accessories with an authentic African element with cheaper production costs, bearing in mind the low-quality products from Asia flooding the market. A great example would be the Maasai community that has managed to celebrate their culture and still create fantastic body adornment pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Famous fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bottega Veneta, to name a few, draw their inspiration from the Maasai Culture. Our very own Adele Dejak gets her inspiration for authentic designs from different cultures in Africa. All the materials used like cow horn, recycled brass, leather, and hide are all sustainably sourced from across Africa.

While it’s tempting to conform and go for fast fashion, you should consider looking into your culture and finding something authentic to keep your image real and authentic. It’s the only way you’ll be more comfortable and feel beautiful. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

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