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Women's fashion: She Designs Africa Women in Business Expo Part 1

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Trip to Sharm El Sheikh

Wednesday the fifth of December 2018 at 4 a.m. and my heart flutters with excitement. Kanini my production manager and I are going to Egypt! We want to arrive early at Sharm El Sheikh before guests start pouring in to the Africa 2018 Forum happening on 8th and 9th. We are among hundreds of businesses that will be exhibiting at the She Designs expo held in conjunction with this big event. We are not leaving any element of women’s fashion to chance. Africa 2018 is a gathering of business and government leaders hosted by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi himself who hopes to foster greater economic integration in the continent. Organisers decided to give more than 250 startups led by women from all over the continent a chance to display their talents and boy did they show up!

Meeting With Friends

My good friend Swaady Martin was there representing her Yswara brand of gourmet tea. We also had a chance to chat and take great pictures with Hamamat Montia the renowned name behind Hamamat African Beauty, a major brand in women’s fashion. She makes skincare products from natural shea butter so it is no wonder her skin is always glowing. From South Africa was Maria McCloy, a renowned designer of clutch purses and shoes inspired by African textiles and beadwork. Fellow designer from Kenya Bibi Ahmed was also there representing her iconic brand; Moyo by BiBi and we definitely had a great time with her too.

hand selfie

Down to Business

Upon arrival to Sharm El Sheikh, there wasn’t a moment to spare. Kanini and I went straight to work on our designated space to make sure everything was organized and ready for the big day. Our space was bare and bland when we arrived but the moment the DHL people delivered our stuff it was down to business. We got down to it and dutifully started displaying our beautiful Adele Dejak jewellery and fashion accessories collections.

Once we finished getting the space ready for She Designs, I could not help but respond to the beckoning surroundings with my camera. I just had to take pictures of the towering palms and beautiful scenery. I stopped to take a swim in the luxurious pool and even then, I managed to take a few foot selfies.

Stunning views of towering palms from the pool

Before I knew it, Saturday was here and it was crunch time. It was a busy two days displaying our jewellery and fashion accessories collections to excited Adele Dejak The Brand fans and visitors but it was all worth it. We made many new friends including the jovial Thebe Ikalafeng who was among the speakers at Africa 2018. Curtains came down on Sunday and we had to fold up and get back home but not without beautiful memories, a sense of fulfilment and a desire to return for an even better time. For Adele Dejak the Brand, She Designs was a wonderful opportunity to showcase women’s fashion items and as Kanini and I fly back home, we could not help but wish it never stopped.

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