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Reasons Why You Should Choose Handmade Jewellery

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Handmade Jewellery

Good fashion accessories offer something unique. The beauty of handmade lies in their imperfections. Anything perfect is machine- made.


This Friday, Adele Dejak and the team have decided to give you an insight on why you should always choose handmade considering that our brand is solely based on African Handcrafted Accessories & Jewellery.

1) No machines: The best thing about handmade is the fact that they are not machine made but handmade. This simply means no machines mean less use of electricity thus making so the jewelry is more sustainable!

2) Time taken to handcraft each piece: Time truly has a precious resource. Knowing that a piece has been handcrafted truly goes to show how much the crafter has a story behind the piece, both for the giver and the receiver.

Wrist Arrest with Adele Dejak Arm Candy3) Knowing the whole handcrafting process:All designers usually have a love for the product that you can’t find from mass produced items. From the design to the final production, the person wearing the piece can almost feel the energy and effort that was put towards producing the piece.

4) Handmade is higher quality: Ever thought why cheap fashion accessories always tarnishes so fast and others get skin reactions, discoloration or other negative effects? This is simply because cheap jewellery is of cheap quality. Handmade jewellery is often made from higher quality metals, and with an individual person at the production end, the one on the receiving end can be assured of getting a piece that is of good quality.

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