Noir Lover & Sustainable Fashion

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Hello team Adele!

Sustainable fashion is certainly an idea whose time has come. Our Noir Lover campaign is running really well so far. In the next couple of weeks, we will be describing the essence of the Noir Lover. The Noir Lover style, the brands the Noir Lover indulges in, the things the Noir Lover likes and loves and many more.

Today we focus on Sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion refers to a product created and produced with consideration to the environment, and the social impact it has throughout its total life span. It involves the design processes, sourcing of material and the manufacturing of all your fashionable items which maximizes benefits to people and the environment.

Here at Adele Dejak, we ensure quality production to lengthen the life of our products, while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Almost all our items are made from recycled material and material that can even be recycled further. These include metals such as brass and aluminium, recycled cow horn and even recycled sac cloth.

Working on some recycled brass
Working on some recycled brass


We take pride in increasing the visibility of the Sustainable fashion movement.

Keep it Noir Lover!

To shop for the Brand, Visit us Today at the Village Market Store in Nairobi or To Shop Online:

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