My Photoshoots from 2015 - Part II

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The first photoshoot I organized upon my return to Kenya after nearly 4 years in Uganda was for #My Heart Beats Africa campaign.

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My favourite photoshoots from 2015 - part II

I collaborated with Purple Vase photographers Mohamed Abbas & Joseph Baraza. The brief was to capture the essence of my African aesthetic in a way that resonates with everyone. Animal print fabrics were draped around the 2 models. I wanted a raw African feel that would capture the essence of my ‘rebranding’ Africa journey.

My photoshoots from 2015 part II

The crazy thing about this shoot was that the best photos were done the last hour when the light was going and everyone was exhausted!

My photoshoots from 2015 part II

Photoshoots are amazing. We hope you love our photos as much we do. Enjoy the festivities!


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