My photoshoots from 2015

My Photoshoots from 2015

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Every time I take photos or commission a photographer for a photo shoot there is always such eager anticipation for the end results. I always get a buzz when I start to download the photos on my computer. The anticipation is always electric. Sometimes shots that were taken that I had little expectations turn out to be beyond my expectations.

Time is spent selecting a theme and a mood. I create mood boards for the direction I would like the shoot to progress. Sometimes the journey can be unexpected, bumpy & full of challenges with long hours and preparation.

My photoshoots from 2015

During the last few months in Uganda I was able to do a few shoots myself. It was important for me to gain the confidence and skill to pursue photoshoots as sole creative and stylist. I was so happy with the end results with the shoots I did alone with Tricia Akello & Comfort both from Joram Jobs Model agency. For these 2 shoots I selected the best selling pieces from my Swaddy & 99.9% collections as well as the Almaz collection which I had already designed and produced from Uganda but had to wait to launch as my relocation back to Kenya was imminent.

My photoshoots from 2015

The first shoot I organized upon my return to Kenya after nearly 4 years in Uganda was for #My Heart Beats Africa campaign.

I collaborated with Purple Vase photographers Mohamed Abbas & Joseph Baraza. The brief was to capture the essence of my African aesthetic in a way that resonates with everyone. Animal print fabrics were draped around the 2 models. I wanted a raw African feel that would capture the essence of my ‘rebranding’ Africa journey.


The crazy thing about this shoot was that the best photos were done the last hour when the light was going and everyone was exhausted!

The most challenging shoot this year was when I selected 4 photographers I like: Mohamed Abba, Joseph Baraza, Nick Klaus, Lyro Aoko and Brian Siambi to come and do a shoot at my workshop in Kiambu and then to proceed to a tea plantation about 10 km from the workshop. The atmosphere was electric and there was such an incredible vibe the entire day. It was important for me that the day was fun albeit that each photographer has a unique approach to their photographic techniques.

My photoshoots from 2015

It was an absolutely exhausting day but was worth all the effort. Each photographer was able to capture the mood and spirit of my design aesthetic. My recently launched LBD was used on the 4 models and as well as my favorite African hairstyle that was based around the Tuareg tribe in North Africa.

My photoshoots from 2015

Make up on all models were by makeup artist Lulu of MAC cosmetics.

My photoshoots from 2015

After a long day of shooting everyone was rewarded with a yummy BBQ from my cook Naomi.

The last main shoot of the year was to launch the KOBO diffusion line with Nick Klaus.

This shoot was again done at the workshop and showroom with our brand muse Mauryne Theo.

The brief was just to keep it simple while capturing the bold independent African woman that could be any woman anywhere.

Photoshoots are the end result of a long journey of designing and creating. Of putting dreams and sketches on a model. They are a realization of a dream.

The purpose is to see the end result of a vision that is beautiful and accessible.

We hope you like the photos as much as I have enjoyed creating the pieces and the photoshoot journeys. We’ll be sharing more photos from recent shoots so stay tuned.

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