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Dear Team Adele, we hope you are enjoying this precious day wherever you are and celebrating Labour day with all its glory. To kindly remind you, Labour day is an annual holiday that celebrates the achievements of workers. Essentially, it was intended to be an annual national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. However, the entire world now celebrates workers.

This Labour day, we want you to join us in celebrating our very own artisans who dedicate their talents and time each and every work day to beautifully hand craft your jewelry pieces and bags. If you read our previous post on Fashion Revolution Week and how we choose to share their mission, you will also understand our other reason for this post.

Adèle Dejak boasts a refreshing air of passion that shines through every of our precious team member, from the management and shop sales teams to every beader, tailor and bone artisan. Whether selecting only the very best materials to, creating our handmade lesso fabric bags for packaging, the team works like no other in bringing timeless statements to life and providing you with a beautiful Adèle Dejak experience.

We managed to capture them in their elements over time and also convinced three of them to share with us about themselves and what they think of Labour day . Hope this will enable you to understand how your support for our brand goes a long way into supporting the livelihood of others because without you, there is no them.


Name: Benta Achieng

Position :Production Manager

Tenure at Adele Dejak : 3 months

What does labour day mean to you? It is a day that celebrates those that work, labourers. And therefore, we the employed get to take time off work and relax with our family and friends

How will you be spending this Labour Day? I will go visit my mother and since she is always working at her Fish place, I shall spend my time there with her as I also help wherever I can.


Name: Somaito

Position : Day Askari/ Day Guard

What does labour day mean to you? As much as I love doing my job here at Adele Dejak, that is a day to celebrate it while I am at home entertaining my family.


Name: Valentine Omadawu

Position :Jewelry and bags team member

What does labour day mean to you? From my understanding, it is a day for workers to take time out of work and rest

How will you be spending this Labour Day? I shall be spending it with my dear family. I do appreciate spending time with my children





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