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Kitenge - A beautiful fabric that tells a story

Posted by Mary Bosibori on

“The Kitenge is what most people usually refer to as “Colorful African Fabric,” writes Adele Dejak, a fashion designer known for using such fabric in crafting her pieces.

Kitenge (Vitenge is the Swahili plural) is made of cotton fabric with wax print. It is very popular in East Africa. The beauty of Kitenge is that it is known as a textile that tells stories. The Kitenge always has a way of representing a cultural background, a social position, or just a mood and a feeling …

Most women use Kitenge to tailor their own clothes or they wear it as a sarong wrapped around the waist. Today, it is used by many especially designers to make anything from clothes, tablecloths to curtains and many more. At Adele Dejak, we use this beautiful fabric for making purses and bags especially in interior wise and exterior wise as well as the same Kitenge we use leso bags that serve as packaging for our clients.

We just love it and can not get enough!

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