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Roots of Kenya

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Adèle Dejak the brand has been in existence over seven years, it’s roots deeply founded in the heart of Kenya. At Adèle Dejak, stunning, cutting-edge, unique quality contemporary designs are created for all those stylish women looking for accessories that define their persona.
Kobbi by Adele Dejak
Kobbi by Adele Dejak

Our inspiration: African Tribes, Cultures, Shapes and Textures.

Adèle finds the natural color and beauty of horn as a natural art form and has experimented with different techniques to craft unique quality horn and bone shapes. Her creations are in continuous development: a work in progress that fits together her never-ending quest for the essential artefact that will enhance the personality of the woman who wears it. Most of the cow horn Adèle uses makes Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, Key Holders & many more.


Her jewellery is meant to be a statement; subtle or bold, but invariably capturing the eye for the originality of their design.

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