Favourite African Fashion Designers: Uganda Edition

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We’ve been digitally travelling across Africa to showcase the work of some of our favourite designers. If you know of any designers we must check out – please drop us a comment below.

In this edition, we travel to Uganda as we wish all our Ugandan friends, fans and collaborators a happy independence day!

Top image: The Doris Dress and a handmade rug

Favourite African Fashion Designers Uganda Kampala Fair
A great use of the Maasai blanket!

Above is the work of Kampala Fair, an enterprise driven by the spirit of creating opportunities rather than giving charity. The Kampala Fair team doesn’t want you to just buy their designs because they are made under decent conditions and you want to be nice. Their focus is on making these designs desirable – clothes that you will look and feel great in and home decor items that you will delight in gazing upon every day!

Explore Kampala Fair’s womenswear, kidswear and home decor designs on their website.

Images via the Kampala Fair website

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