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Following the previous DNA meet-up in Senegal, Cathy O’Clery, product and brand developer for DNA, recognised potential in Adèle and Kpando Pottery’s (Ghana) work and suggested they collaborate. For the Graphic Africa exhibition in London, Adèle has teamed up with Nii Noi of Kpando Pottery, creating unique pieces fusing both designers’ work together.

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Collaboration piece between Adèle Dejak and Kpando Pottery at the Graphic Africa exhibition

Cathy believed that Nii Noi’s black pottery and Adèle’s striking brass pieces would create a fantastic, contrasting feast for the eyes.

Kpando Pottery is named after the region in Ghana that is known for its pottery making, more often than not, by local women. Kpando Pottery is all about empowering women and local artisans, a trait shared by Adèle Dejak.

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A Kpando Pottery piece with gold leaf bangles by Adèle Dejak

Photo by David Cookes, Senegal

Kpando pieces are truly unique and innovative in their design. Nii Noi employs some seventy local Ghanian women who mold the clay without using a wheel, creating a truly original sculpture. The pottery gets it’s distinctive black finish by firing the pieces over a bamboo fire, set low in the earth, as opposed to using the traditional clay oven or kiln.

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Kpando Pottery vase with Adèle Dejak charms

Photo by David Cookes, Senegal

Adèle’s iconic gold chains and brass fish pieces have been drawn through Kpando pieces to create an elegant contrast between the harsh black pottery and the graceful brass chains.

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Iconic Adèle horn bangle alongside Kpando Pottery vase

Photo by David Cookes, Senegal

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Nii Noi at the Graphic Africa exhibition launch party in London

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 09.30.18

One of Nii Noi’s pieces at the Graphic Africa exhibition in London

The Adèle Dejak team are delighted to be involved in such a collaboration with another talented African designer who shares the same beliefs about empowerment and supporting women’s livelihood. Collaboration plans are ongoing for 2014, the feedback received at the exhibition was so positive and together, Adèle and Kpando Pottery appears to be a winning formula!

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More of Nii Noi’s pieces at the Platform exhibition space at Habitat, London

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Kpando Pottery and Adèle Dejak collaboration piece

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 09.30.30

Adèle and Nii Noi at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London

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