Almaz Collection

Almaz Collection

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Featured cover Photo: Nick Klaus ///Above Photo: Brian Siambi & Model: Mauryne Theo

Almaz the collection is inspired by hope and strength and the gift that is the African continent, its cultures and its beauty.

Precious fashion accessories are hard to come by. The name ALMAZ is derived from the Amharic name meaning Diamonds. And just as diamonds, the African beauty grows stronger under pressure. And just as Diamonds, once rough around the edges, were mistaken as mere pebbles: and just like diamonds, our culture and beauty is lasting.

ALMAZ collection is a bold statement on embracing and protecting our identities, leaving our own mark in this world. A mark that will tell of our unshaken resolve to shed light on our cultures and to stand tall as the African.

A Note from Adele

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Above /// Photo: Nick Klaus & Model: Mauryne Theo

Almaz collection was born a few years ago whilst I was living in Ugandan. I met an amazing woman called Almaz. After introductions I told her she had a beautiful name and she then told me her name meant diamond. I promised her I would name a collection called Almaz/Diamond after her.

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Above /// Photo: Mohamed Abbas & Model: Laura Anjili

Like most people I love diamonds because they are so unique, tough and resilient. A diamond is an amazing precious stone that is coveted by many. It comes in many different colours and sizes and it is an absolute beauty in its raw form, as well as once it has been cut. A huge amount of work and skill goes into cutting a diamond stone. Diamonds glitter, sparkle, are mesmerising and considered by many cultures to empower the wearer. They are treasured for all their breath-taking beauty and elegance.

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Above /// Photo: Mohamed Abbas & Model: Rosemary Kimani

The Adele Dejak brand’s story is an African story and it has many parallels with the transformation of a rough diamond to a finished cut diamond. Each piece of our collection is laboriously hand made by local artisans in East Africa, in particular, Kenya and Uganda. From the Ankole cow horn artisans in Uganda to the recycled jewellery artisans in Kenya to the artisans at the workshop in Kiambu, Nairobi.

A transformation also occurs with our fashion accessories from the initial selection of the stunning recycled Ankole cow horn, to prototypes and then production for the final piece.

Even though we do not use diamonds yet! our desire is for our clients to shine and stand out amongst the crowd when wearing our pieces and to feel adorned with a fashion item that will stand the test of time. We want to you empower you so that you can stand tall wherever they are from and to embrace your own style and identity.

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Above ///Photo: Brian Siambi & Models: Laura Anjili & Rosemary Kimani

The photo-shoots done for the Almaz collection was an amazing experience and beautiful collaboration with myself & various Kenyan photographers: Nick Klaus, Mohamed Abbas, Lyra Aoko, Joseph Baraza and Brian Siambi.

Watch this space for a special feature and behind the scenes photos on more of our fashion accessories.



P.S. To shop for the Brand, Visit us Today at the Village Market Store or To Shop Online:

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